CAN - 2 DVDs + 1 Audio CD


Spoon 47

2 DVDs / 1 Audio Cd
Total of Film Footage = 256 Min.

A film by Peter Przygodda. Filmed live at the Cologne Sporthalle in 1972

Can Notes
An intimate film by Hildegard Schmidt, edited and compiled by Peter Przygodda

Can - Documentary
Compiled by Rudi Dolezal & Hannes Rossacher

A short tribute film to Can by Brian Eno

Echo Awards Presentation Footage
Award speech by Herbert Grönemeyer
Presentation by The Red Hot Chili Peppers

5.1 Remixes plus THE MAKING OF and Interviews
'Smoke' by Holger Czukay
'Get The Can' by Holger Czukay
'Below This Level' by Jaki Liebezeit
'Half Past One' by Irmin Schmidt

Biographies and History by Gary Smith
in german / english / french

Subtitles : english / french/ german

Audio CD:

Irmin Schmidt & Kumo
Goatfooted Balloonman     6:10
Fledermenschen (Live)      6:29
Las Plumas del Búho     8:14

Jaki Liebezeit & Burnt Friedman
Rhein Rauf      6:27

Jaki Liebezeit & Drums Off Chaos
On a Can     4:29
Velociraptor (Live)      5:33

Holger Czukay & U-She
Solitary Life (Live)      2:43
Time and Tide (Live)      4:04
Cruise (Live)      3:57
Sunday Morning (Live)      3:59

Michael Karoli & Sofortkontakt!
Lumpy Todda (Live)      4:09
Pounding Venus (Live)      5:19
Research Has Shown... (Live)      6:02


General DVD Credits
Compiled and organised by Hildegard Schmidt for Spoon Records
Linernotes by Alan Warner
Project co-ordination: Gerald Liese for Mediacs
Executive Producer: Ingo Vandré for Mediacs
Authored and built by: Daniel Müller for Mediacs
Artwork by Intro

Promo coordination for Germany : CMM - Hannover     (

DVD Audio Options:
Both discs are in Stereo except for the 5.1 remixes
which are available in 5.1 and Stereo

DVD Connector
PC Only DVD Rom Link with exclusive access to more interviews
previously included in the Can Box Book from 1999


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