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Stan Cauda

I've discovered Can in 1978. I was with Petra Haase in a yellow little Volkswagen. Somewhere between Köln and Frankfurt. After having listen Monster Movie during 24 hours we've sait goodbye and I go back In France. Then I have had all the Can records, then I've play several times "Soul Desert" or "You doo right" with differents bands. Never forget.
Tom Caselli
Atlanta, GA, USA

Just wanted to drop you a note to say how much I'm enjoying the latest wave of reissues (Delay 68, Rite Time etc.). Saw Delight is a sound spectacular in SACD.

I've been a hard core fan since discovering the band when Ege Bamyasi was first released. I hope that when you release the Live set on SACD you see fit to include the Can Free Concert (from Cologne) in it. I have watched the DVD many times and love that concert. I not sure how it would translate into SACD format but would love to be given a chance to hear it.
mona roussel
belgique française
je suis une fan de CAN depuis 1980
je ne parle pas l'anglais.
je suis hypnotisée par leur musique.
les musiciens et chanteurs sont extraordinaires et uniques. merci CAN
Merseyside, England
Hi, just wanted to congratulate you on your latest award! Thanks for the music.

Charlie B Davidson
I don't know if any Can members read this, but since my accidental (and delightful) discovery of the reissued "I Want More" I have been urging all and sundry to either buy it or, at the very least, download it. I bought the 12" and the 7". Many of my friends have promised to do likewise, in memory of the fabulous Micky.

I've been a Can fan for nearly 20 years. Every time I hear the classics, there is alaways something new... truly timeless music. I salute you all...

"Tago Mago", as far as I know, is an island off the coast of Ibiza... please correct me if I'm wrong!
Chris Lichatz
Boston USA
Your music hypnotized me many years ago. Should I thank you for this, or condemn you? As much as I love your music, I cannot listen to it anymore-- I can never hear it again with those virgin ears, the same ears you heard the music with as you created it. Time for the new fans to be hypnotized now. Prepare yourselves.

(danke CAN)

Lund, Sweden
It's weird, today’s technology takes me to the understanding that the same will bring us all down. This Disease has brought me to your music, CAN, leaving me not really knowing what I would prefer: silence, or something to groove on before that Silence.

Finding your music thirty years after it was first recorded (fourteen years before my birth 1988) tells me you’re timeless. Your footprints will not ever fade away!
Heavy credits to everyone who contributed to this uniqueness!
natalie goodwin
i've been listening to you guys since i was a kid and i still can't stop. oh yeah is still my favorite from when i was 4 years old.
Buffalo, New York
i was first turned on to Can about eleven years ago. I was in shock! It was an eargasm. I want to thank you guys for the inspiration to create music and two wings of the same bird. Thank you.
Thomas Stephens
I'm one of the oldest.
Bought Ege Bamyasi
When God was a boy
Still Listening
Don't say - Just Play
You cannot express
One art form in the term of another.
What does Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and Stockhausen mean
What do the great visual artist mean
What do the great poet mean
and be a beliver
in CAN
I have heard can´s music first time for a few years ago, but i can´t stop listen to them. Thanks a lot for your work.
I need tabs for guitar (paperhouse,oh yeah...) could someone send me them.
Rob (Percival Potts)
Bloomington, IN
I love Can! Best new discovery I found this decade. Spreading the word. Thank you all.
Thank You.
You made great music that inspired me and many others.
Thank You again.
Robert Barr
Las Vegas, Nevada
Can, what can be said about these guys, other than the fact that they were the most original band to hit the music scene in the late 60's and early 70's. i have bought the first 7 SACD and I love the sound of the CD's. My only question, when are Flow Motion And Saw Delight going to hit the racks of my local CD store? In parting I would like to say "Thank you for many years of great great music!!!
mir geht die ganze zeit diese geniale live version von "oh yeah" durch den kopf.
united states
A great site where one can enjoy the thought of a great mind long departed. Cheers for the good work!
syl thomas
hi there
any chance of a release of some of the music can recorded in 60s and 70s in their studio, ie follow ups to limited and unlimited edition?
competitively priced box sets of these themed, for instance, year by year would I'm sure be appreciated and snapped up by can fans everywhere -

Hi! May I aks you who did design for this site?
I have my own sites ut I do not like its colors at all.
Yours looks much better I guess :)))
Im trying to find someone who are really great designer. :)) :))).
Scott McFarland
Manassas, VA
I wish the band would make concert recordings available to their fan base ... something like King Crimson has (at would be ideal ...
Helen Zavadsky
My Love To Music "CAN"

Dear lovely "CAN"!
Let me call you so and the reason is that first I heard you in far,far 1969-s,when your disk "Monster Movie" appeared.I was shocked.I opened something new for me,something unknown at that it was unlike the other music,music which being unlike the other,impressed me,by it sinkere kindness.And when I saw your photo,can't forget it till nowadays.Every time, having got your next disk with great difficully,as the prices were and remain today too high(but usually it takes a lot of time before we can listen to your next disk) I immersed in your music world and imagined as if,I were together with you. Unforgettable time!

You had everything on your way:success and disappointment,but the time proved that your are "the qiants of music"! I am glad with to every you success still many ,many years.I always wanted to know about your as much.I'm interested in both:your life and work.Will you,please help me ,if it's possible to know more about you not only as a musitian but as a person.We can understand music though the musitians thoughts and soul even if we don't understand the words in English.I would like to speak with you about everything. But it's a pity it's not possible to write everything in a letter. A letter is the only means communication with you...

The only hope to meet you and to speak with you it's your concert. But in fortunately it's very difficult.Heardly I when nor be able arrive in England single hope if you will arrive in Russia,we without fall a meet.Dreams...

It is difficult for you to understand as it was earlier in the USSR (Soviet Union), with what difficulties to us the next albums of you reached. I remember those times when each new album got with the big work. Now them it is possible the find - truth bad piracy copies from China. In expensive dear shops it is possible to order and buy original disks, but they cost stand even more expensively the present true price... Now much has changed, I could see you "alive" in video, but remained as before impossibility to receive the autograph of you. I always dreamed, if not you then though musician you which works I really love and with pleasure I listen when some day will come and in my small world of the admirer you as a photo with his its autograph. But apparently it only dreams - miracles simply do not happen, and if are that only for " the elected public. But all the same, my love to music you remain with me for ever. And let dreams will not come true, but I trusted, and the belief and hope die the last...

.My letter means
you have reached,but I hoped to receive from your autograph-for me it is a limit dreams.With music of you I have lived the most part of the life and I wanted to have a part of this life having touched again by those unforgettable years of our youth by which part and were you.Forgive me,if I am too persevering.The you for me always was and will be that light with what the man lives.The thank for that you is.Let always success and our love will be with you.

Dear lovely "CAN"!I'm very sorry,but I have a request for you.Will you please send me your photo with your original autographs or just an answer on my letter.For me it would like... a present equal "the flight to the moon"! Oh,GOD!But it's just a dream,I even can't hope for it.There are no miracles in reality!?

Having finishing my letter let me wish you everything a person can wish to his friends:a successful work and a lot of happiness in your life,and also to continue gladden your admirers with your songs.Thank the time thas has presented us such a wonderful musicians and mans.I want you to be happy and always young!We love and always will be with you.

Ever' your Helen.

P.S.Excuse me,please my English.
Hi Folks and Krautrock-Fans!
Lucky me, I've seen Can serveral times LIVE - and they were absolute fantanstic. And now they've released all the albums as SACDs - gosh they sound so good - it's a new hearing experience - you shouldn't miss! Go out there and buy 'em all! CAN FOREVER!!!
Hi all,
I am desperately looking for Can's lyrics (especially Tago Mago's).Does anybody have some or knows where can i get 'em?
hermann lütkemeier
wünsche allen spoonis ein schönes fest macht weiter so von einem alten fan hermann
Reinhard D / Mainz toll, dass es solche phantastischen Webseiten über die alten "Recken" des Krautrock gibt! Großes Kompliment. Apropos Krautrock: Erinnert sich eigentlich noch jemand an die legendären Xhol (Caravan) aus Wiesbaden? Auch da gibt es eine umfangreiche und informative Webseite: - reinschauen lohnt sich! Gruß aus Mainz, Reinhard - Krautrock forever!
Brighton Uk
All hail the Can!
jeff lapointe
I'm in love with Can!
Kepler's Supernova
Great site, although I'm running out of stuff to buy - how about a forum???
kris miko
hallo hildegard, schade das es hier nichts auf Deutsch gibt.
viele grüße KRIS
Die Hintermänner
Das ist ja nicht zu fassen - meine einstigen Idole sind immer noch im Rennen - das motiviert die Hintermänner auch nach 17 Jahren weiter zu rocken!
marcelo saronelli
buenos aires, argentina
hi, I am a hardcore fan of can from argentina.
The band is not very popular here, but this is not the bottom line. I truly believe that can is as influential as led zeppelin or velvet underground.
the site fulfills all my expectations.
neuss(noise), germany
schöne klänge aus einer fast vergessenen zeit, die musik mit der ich gross wurde. wie die traurige erinnerung an einen schönen traum, der leider viel zu kurz war.
danke und danke für diese excellente musik.
es gibt nichts vergleichbares auf diesem planeten und ich werde diese band immer in ehren halten.
besonders die zusammenarbeit jaki's mit burnt friedman, danke damo für den händedruck und weiter so langs geht!
grüße aus berlin (wo leider wenige menschen diese musik bestens kennen!) yoo-do-right! yeah!
Athens Greece
Hi guys ?
Do Can have live albums and which are them ?
I have "Egge" and "Babaluma" but I 'd like to buy on live album too...

Paulo Pinto
Hi,,there, pals!
Well, for several years I've been looking for the lyrics of Moonshade. Finally i've foud it in, but I think the words don't fit. Am I right?
I'd love if someone could send me the correct lyrics.
Thank you very much.
Tampa. US
Hi! Just wanted to say that Can may be the most influential and amazing band ever. Also, I have tabbed some of their songs for bass on for anyone interested.
Nur Yeah!
So genial,dass ein 21jähriger Beat- und Bluesrockhörer zum Prog kam und sogar seine Elektrofreunde ansteckte.
@Spoon: Mehr unveröffentlichtes Material !!!
wisconson u.s.a
what song is has the watermelon&the frog with popcorn?
help me out,please i want to buy that album
the netherlands
Hi people,
I've been reading about how influential Can have been on thousands of bands from Roxy Music, Radiohead, the Beta band, Gong the Ozrics, etc. but have never really heard any of their stuff (probably the only person on this site). As they have done so much in the last thirty + years I wouldnt know where to start. Where does one begin? Greetings from the netherlands,
Famous Friends of Cannabis
Sex, drugs and some...
Yo i appreciate you making this. Keep this shit up, its nice
Fr L Lurrve
Love this stuff
Searched and surfed your page, great work !
Searched and surfed your page, great work !
Kennst du CAN?
Die Frage stell ich irgendwelchen Menschen mindestens einmal die woche!
Höre den alten Geschichten eines Freundes zu, der von dem FreeConcert in Köln erzählt und damals dabei war in seinen jungen Jahren und dann immer wieder die Frage: Kennst du CAN??
Ich habe die Begeisterung für euer Werk mit so manchen geteilt und werde wohl nie eine Frage öfters stellen als: Kennst du CAN??
Und die Antwort: Ja, ich kenne euch (wenigstens musikalisch) und das schon seit fast 10 Jahren, begleitet von euch, mit musik die älter ist als ich (´78 mein Jahrgang) Danke!
...und dein Konzert Jaki, in Freiburg letztes Jahr war für meine Ohren ein zehn-Gänge-Menü mit Nachspeise !! Nocheinmal Danke!
Kennt ihr den Vehbi?
Gruß Joe
Alun Mountford
Birmingham UK
To my eternal shame, I only discovered Can 2 years ago. I am now overawed by the sonic perfection of this most impressive and clearly hugely influencial band. I am now slowly stocking up on all the re-released catalogue. Brilliant, bold & beautifull audio narcotics!
Nice web site I enjoyed reading. I wish you and your family the best of luck.
Hans Phaserbeam
Recently, I bought the Can dvd because i ve heard a bit about you and people kept saying to me that i was a mix between Michael Karoli (my guitar playing) and Holger Czukay (sound shaping) to my surprise it was true because i like to improvise music without any commercial thoughts (it could be harmful for the music itself) like you did with Can. You are truly unique and I hope to continue this tradition of breaking musical conventions like you did.
I have been recommending the site to some of the people I have met through work
Seymour Butz
Fine homepage. I will enjoy the next update.
Bin 45 und quasi mit CAN aufgewachsen. Meine Leidenschaft (bis heute) war und ist immer noch Rock der härteren Gangart besonders gitarrenbetont. Mache auch selber Rock-Mucke.
CAN haben aber trotzdem immer eine ganz besondere Faszination auf mich ausgeübt, besonders "Halleluwah".
Werde in Kürze mit meiner Band "Connection" covern. CAN sind nicht nur ihrer Zeit voraus gewesen....sie machten Musik aus dem Inneren des Menschen......dadurch werden sie immer aktuell bleiben solange es Menschen gibt...
What can I say, you turned me onto my Brain, music to feed the sole my friends, music to disturb, enlighten and float away to memory bliss. Thankyou from the depths of my mind. You made a believer out of me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Brian Fowler
One of the great bands ever!!
Cambridge, UK
Hi! My partner and I run - a (small independent) alternative music webstore. We've just added the Malcolm Mooney and 10th Planet release to our huge and eclectic list of independent artists (one of the largest of its kind on the web) - come and visit us? Cheers, Jude x
I like Can. The re-mastered CDs are cool.
Jonas Torrance
Gothenburg, Sweden
Can is one of the best bands in the world, as important as The Stooges, MC5, Velvet Underground and all those legendary bands. The Can DVD is one of the best live performances and one of the best documentaries ever released. I was lucky to see Damo Suzuki perform in Gothenburg, Sweden a couple of months ago, he still got it, an amazing performance! Thank you very much!
Adam Zapel
Fine website. Keep up the good work.
Oh Yeah!
Big Momma
the only thing I want to say is that this ecstatic music will always be good sex!
thank you for this trip! I'm waiting with impatience for some new works of yours, especially Jaki Liebezeit and Burnt Friedman's collaboration.
Corey Larkin
Can has made the most beautiful music I have ever heard. The largest influence on my own music. Holger, can you see this?
...for the sake of future days
Geoffrey Folkerth
Del Mar, California
I met a guy in Poland who played me an incredible song that I he said was by Can. The lyrics mentioned something about "oh, why won't you dedicate......" and then something about a "Sunday", possibly "Sunday Afternoon. The verse had lots of toms with a sort of staccoto melody. I've been searching for this song for 10 years! and can't find it. Can anyone help? Thanks!
You guys really made /make it happen. thanx for inspiration and for making a huge difference.
Yours truly/ Kal
Nice guestbook.
concarneau france
a great band without limits contrary to a lot of so called progressive or experimental bands locked in their preposterous should come and play in brittany.
merseyside uk
hello Can fans, DAMO SUZUKI is playing Live at The Naval Club, St. Helens, UK 26 May 2005.
More info at
Hope you can join us!
Is there anyone who can get me a transcription of "tango whiskyman"? chords or notes, anything
thx a lot

CAN rules.
Please release a vinyl edition of the new re-masters!
Like others here, I'm keen to learn if its possible to get hold of the Alice in den Stadten soundtrack. Does anyone know anything about it?
Holger Czukay is a bass god.
Sheffield UK
Watching the DVD last night I can't remember the track but I had the sensation of audial cream pouring over me, this is a completely new feeling and I had only 2 glasses of Chilean red. The lingering shot of the red sneaker also opened a spiritual door to a deeper level of appreciation visually too. Your love sound influences ours in Sunshine Panic.
Thanks guys. Hi to your ladies.
mike G.
Saskatoon SK. Canada
I recently bought the Can anthology on a whim, (i had only read about them). I really got into it on vacation in Cancun Mexico. Listening to it while sitting on the beach brought my mind to a place I really can't describe. Thanks
interesting, because damo suzuki’s network isn’t linked and i think his network projekt is a good work
24.3.2005 . Bin jetzt 51 , spielte selbst in Band und der einzigste Song , der je von uns kopiert wurde war " yoodooright " . Er ist immer noch ein Ohrwurm für mich und neuerdings auch für meine 18 jährige Tochter . Die Musik war einen Schritt voraus und zeitlos . Immer gut zu hören . Lebende Musik !!! DANKE ! Macht Spass mit Euch ......
bob mcguire
new york
Can anyone give me a little more info on the name? Any sigficant meaning?
Birmingham, UK
Please make more video available, a DVD sequel perhaps (?), Can are quickly overtaking Pink Floyd as my favourite band...
We want to thank all of you for give us this wonderfull feeling!
Your music is something that take us toghether to play psycodelic. it is real magic!
group VESPER
All CAN fans are cordially invited to visit
the fan club on Yahoo dedicated to this magnificent group:
glouchestershire england
I would be very interested in any Can guitar tab ,karoli's playing first inspired me to pick up a guitar after 5 years of listening to Can. At the age of 36 I have some catching up to do , but playing brings a new dimention to my appreciation of Can's musicBest wish's to us all, Love Simon
benyebka abdelkader
wonderful can
i would like re-issued vinyl, please! also, where can i get shirts and stuff?
what would life be like without can?
Axel K.
Schön das Euch noch gibt :-) Weiter so ...

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