Michael Karoli
29.4.1948 - 17.11.2001






1966   becomes friends with his guitar teacher Holger Czukay whilst at school in Switzerland.
1967-1968:   while reading law, plays guitar & bass guitar in various Jazz & dance bands in Germany and Switzerland. Studies of the relation of musical to planetary rhythms, researches into effects of sound/music on human perception and body feeling.
1968-1978:   joins CAN;
development of Pictorial Playing & Composition Concept (TAGO MAGO onwards), after getting to know the music of German composer Michael von Biel and studying with him.
1975:   meets Shirley Argwings-Kodhek.
1978/1979:   sets up his own OUTER SPACE RECORDING STUDIO in a former olive oil mill in the French Maritime Alps. learns to work and service a recording studio and develops the atmospheric "Microsonic" recording technique (as manifest on DELUGE).
1978   Freelancing drummer in recording studios. Working for numerous international artists.
1980:   produces E.P BIT/S by German progressive group Bit/s, formerly S.Y.P.H.
1981:   marries Shirley 15th September in Essen.
1981-1984:   composing, recording & producing the album DELUGE with English singer/artist Polly Eltes.
1984:   concerts with Holger Czukay, Jaki Liebezeit, Jah Wobble in Cologne, and ROCKPALAST with Czukay & Liebezeit in Berlin.
1981-1986:   studies African rhythm and dance with African drummer and dancer Seni Camara. Completes Pictorial Playing and Composition Concept.
1985:   srecords with Le General Dady Mimbo. Various gigs as sound-mixer. Concert with Czukay, Liebezeit, Sheldon Ancel in Frankfurt, records album RADIO WAVE SURFER (Holger Czukay) with same setup.
1986-1988:   records & produces CAN album RITE TIME with Holger Czukay.
1987:   records album CHARLATAN by Belgian singer Arno (ex-TC-MATIC) with Holger Czukay.
1988:   plays guitar on FLUX & MUTABILITY (David Sylvian & Holger Czukay).
1989:   first daughter Tamara born 18th April in Nice, France.
1992:   second daughter Angie born 25th May in Nice, France.
1992:   records LAST NIGHT SLEEP (CAN) and other pieces of film-music for UNTIL THE END OF THE WORLD by Wim Wenders.
1993:   records and co-produces Belgian group "Belgian Associality".
1977-1995:   Plays guitar and bass on all Solo albums, film & theatre music by Irmin Schmidt: SOUNDTRACKS-ANTHOLOGY (1978 - 1993) . MUSK AT DUSK (1987) . IMPOSSIBLE HOLIDAYS (1991) .GORMENGHAST (2000)
1997:   concerts in Japan with Damo Suzuki, Mani Neumeier, Matthias Keul und Mandjao.
1998:   concerts in USA with Damo Suzuki and his band.
1999 - 2000:   Can-Solo-Projects concerts with his group SOFORTKONTAKT in Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt, Osnabrück, Dublin, Crossing Border Festival Den Haag, London, and Amiens.
2001:   Concerts with Suicide, James Chance, Hvratsky, Lary 7 and Malcolm Mooney at "The Cooler" in New York.
    17th of November 2001, after a long battle with cancer Michael Karoli dies in Essen, Germany.

Mother Sky [mp3]


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