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GORMENGHAST — an European opera project

UNESCO World Heritage Site
Völklinger Hütte
Völklinger Hütte

“Gebläsehalle” at Unesco World Hertitage Site / Weltkulturerbe
Völklinger Hütte

A new production of Irmin Schmidt's fantasy opera Gormenghast,
based on the Mervyn Peake trilogy
Music: Irmin Schmidt » www.spoonrecords.com
Libretto: Duncan Fallowell
Programming and Sound Design: Jono Podmore

Directed by: Andreas Baesler » www.andreas-baesler.de
Musical Director: Koen Schoots » www.koenschoots.de
Set Design: Karel Spanhak
Costume: Ulli Kremer
Choreography: Glaub da Silva
Video Projections: Jürgen Schnetzer
P.A provided and installed by: Alexander Kiefer (Audio Check)
Operated by: Martin Zimmer
String Quartet: Nicolai Streichquartett
Produced by: Joachim Arnold, Musik & Theater Saar GmbH

Lord Sepulchrave: Peter Graham
Lady Gertrude: Gerda Maria Knauer
Fuchsia: Lea Sarfati
Titus: Glaub da Silva
Twin Cora: Debra Fernandes
Twin Clarice: Sabine Schnitzer
Barquentine: Paul Erkamp
Steerpike: Stefan Vinzberg
Dr.Prunesquallor: Peter Rehkop
Flay: Wolf-Dirk Vogeley
Swelter: Matthias Widmaier
Nanny Slagg: Marion Freundorfer

The premiere on the 2nd June was a fantastic night and great success which has been greeted with unanimous critical acclaim. Special thanks to everyone involved!

» Photos from the Premiere

This production, produced by Joachim Arnold info@musik-theater.de, is scheduled to travel to several european cities starting in June 2004.

The opera, premiered at the Opera house in Wuppertal on 15. November 1998, is the work of german composer Irmin Schmidt, founder of the legendary rock group Can. Duncan Fallowell's libretto tells the tale of the rise and fall of the young kitchen hand Steerpike, whose deeds ultimately lead to the downfall of the whole reigning family Groan, all of whom live in the castle Gormenghast. It is a parable about power and seduction, about the ever present return of tyranny which turns young, rebellious dreams of a better world into terror, intoxication with power and destruction.

The music combines both electronically generated and orchestral sounds .The orchestra is pre-recorded, edited and played from tape for the performances, and string quartet will perform live throughout. The singers' voices will be amplified but not modified in any way.

"The sheer range of 'sensurround' sound is bewildering, loud, sensuous, always intriguing, especially the rustles of exotic percussion emerging from around the auditorium. If Richard Strauss had written rock music, this is what it would have sounded like - gloriously, unashamedly lush."
(Rodney Milnes - THE TIMES 24.11.1998

The production is co-produced by three institutions and each will contribute its own unique identity to this joint undertaking:

Musik & Theater Saar
...is a highly respected opera and music festival in the region which has a proven track record with young audiences. Musik & Theater Saar will provide both administrative capabilities and venues for rehearsals, working closely with local partner Völklinger Hütte, a Unesco World Heritage site, funded and supported from the goverment of Saarland

Grand Théatre de la Ville de Luxembourg
...is a renowned cultural institution which has excelled in the area of opera. As a co-organizer it will be able to capitalize on its unprecedented international contacts. It will be particularly interesting to watch how this "cultural stronghold" intends to go beyond its traditional boundaries and attract new audiences.

Association Kling-Klang
...is a young french organization based in Lille, which has proven to be particularly competent in organizing performances in the areas of electronic music, promoting cross-regional festivals and working with young audiences. As a third co-organizer of the project, Kling-Klang is particularly looking to develop forms of communication with youngsters, supervise the technical audio aspects of the production and involve its network of high-profile local partners such as Les Halles de Schaerbeek, Bruxelles, and La Condition Publique, Lille

Initially 12 performances are scheduled.

2nd June 2004:PREMIERE
"Gebläsehalle" at Unesco World Hertitage Site Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte
European Centre for Art and Industrial Culture(Europäisches Zentrum für Kunst & Industriekultur)

June 2004
a further 5 Performances at Völklinger Hütte
4., 6., 9., 11., 12. June

June/July 2004
3 performances at Grand Théatre Luxembourg
30. June, 1. & 2. July - 8,00 p.m.
October 2004
further performances scheduled in France and Belgium.

» www.voelklinger-huette.org
» www.musik-theater.de
» www.theater-vdl.lu

Tickets via:
» www.musik-theater.de
» info@musik-theater.de

Ticket Hotline: - Luxembourg :
00352 47 08 95 1
e-mail : ticketlu@pt.lu
website : http://www.luxembourg-ticket.lu

Stage management (assembly and disassembly, props etc) will be flexible enough to ensure that the opera can be performed in the future at any venues of a suitable size. The resumption of the production at other venues in 2005 and beyond has already been envisaged. Representatives of european venues, festivals and cultural institutions which are in the running to stage the piece in future will be invited to the performances.

Extracts available on CD "Gormenghast", SPOON/Mute Catalogue No. 44
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Organization and contact
Musik & Theater Saar GmbH
Joachim Arnold
Stummstrasse 1a
D-66130 Saarbrücken
e-mail: info@musik-theater.de
fn +49/681 992680, fx +49/681 9926820

Can-Management Hildegard Schmidt
Les Rossignols, F-84220 Roussillon
e-mail: HildegardSchmidt@spoonrecords.com
fn +33/490 056 552, fx +33/490 057 004

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represented by Bucks Music Ltd. London
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  Representative for grand rights Germany:
Internationale Musikverlage Hans Sikorski
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e-mail: info@www.sikorski.de

Chester Music London
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all photos used with kind permission of Weltkulturerbe Völklinger Hütte.

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