Curated by Christoph Tannert
ABTART, Stuttgart:
September 16, 2011 (until November 5, 2011)
Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin:
November 24, 2011 (until December 18, 2011)

Halleluwah! was a major art exhibition and homage to CAN – in memory of the band’s pioneering role in composition, sound, playing technique, and group dynamics.

Invited to exhibit were many innovative visual artists. The exhibition comprised painting, drawing, videos, objects, and sound pieces that relate to the broad spectrum of the band’s manifestations and to the facets of the collective reception potential, including critical considerations of its being turned into a myth. Some works respond to the covers of CAN albums, others were investigations or continuations of the sound into the present, while yet others were simply hallucinatory bows before these great musicians.

CAN is all about spontaneity and well-calculated, well-proportioned success, the rejection of classical song arrangements, the integration of environmental sounds as part of the music, sound tinkering, the hypnotic power of repetition, the primitive and the artificial, searching and shaping.

You can now buy the official Halleluwah! catalogue with CD from here.

Lithographs by Dennis Rudolph, courtesy Galerie Jette Rudolph, Berlin.

Tago Mago Cover
Abtart Künstlerhaus Bethanien
List of confirmed artists:
Albert Oehlen / Daniel Richter / Robert Lucander / Eberhard Havekost / Thomas Scheibitz / Anselm Reyle / Carsten Nicolai / Norbert Bisky / Jutta Koether / Marc Bijl / Ralf Ziervogel / Gregor Hildebrandt / Frank Nitsche / Carsten Fock / Sven Drühl / Via Lewandowsky / Maik Wolf / Klaus Killisch / Pawel Ksiazek / Tilman Küntzel / Alexander Braun / Silva Agostini / Station Rose / Michael Kutzner / Matias Bechtold / Henryk Gericke / Thomas Gust / Bert Papenfuß / Ronald Lippok / Robert Lippok / Manfred Miersch / Josse Bailly / Danius Kesminas / Skafte Kuhn / Theo Altenberg / Josef Dabernig / Tanja Rochelmeyer / Jorinde Voigt / Andreas Tellefsen / Tilman Hornig / Ulrich Vogl / Egill Saebjörnsson / Kimberly Clark / Chris Newman / Malcolm Mooney / William Cordova / Dennis Rudolph / Rose Eken / Mikael Eriksson / Luc Pilmeyer.

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